To preserve the history of transformative fanworks and the fandoms from which they have arisen, OTW has established its own fandom wiki, Fanlore. The beta version of Fanlore launched in September 2008, and the wiki came out of beta in December 2010.

The Fanlore wiki provides a framework within which fans can document their understandings of and experiences in fandom. This encyclopedic resource is an archive of fandom history for the benefit of fans themselves. It also gives context for outside media, academics, and people new to fandom, in a format wherein fans are in control of their own representation.

Any and all fans are encouraged to join the project and share ownership of the wiki’s content. In the early stages of the project, the Fanlore committee organized volunteers and developed guidelines for the structure of the wiki in consultation with the wiki’s initial users, who have also taken on leadership roles in developing content. The wiki is by its nature always a work in progress, and the committee continues to provide support, guidance, and encouragement where needed.

All original content is under a Creative Commons license; anyone is welcome to make copies to host on other sites. The wiki was built with open-source software.