Job Search: Wiki Documentation Specialists (Closed)

Description: The Wiki Committee is in need of a terrific writer to help us straighten out the internal side of Fanlore — basically, we need help reorganizing and rewriting policy pages and help files, and organizing them in a user-friendly manner. You do not need to be an expert in wiki markup, though some experience and comfort with basic wiki markup (linking, categorizing) is needed.

The committee’s feeling is that our policy pages are somewhat over-detailed, and our help files aren’t sufficiently helpful in walking a new user through the process. Basically, we need help straightening this out to make Fanlore as user-friendly as possible. The ability to write clearly and succinctly, using examples and user-friendly language, is required, as is the ability to organize information.

Estimated Time Involved: We would love to have this complete by the end of the term (December 18th), but the position can continue into the new term if necessary. No specific time commitment is required per week, but we would like to see steady progress.

How to Volunteer: Use our contact form to send us the following information:

Your name (you may provide your real name or your fannish name–please consider what you feel comfortable using both inside and outside the organization):

Your email address:

Applicable experience:

What you can bring to this position:

Please put ” Wiki Documentation Specialist ” in the subject line.

Send us your information by: This volunteer search is closed.

All volunteers will receive an email confirming their information has been received; please give us up to five days to reply.

Anyone can contact the Volunteers & Recruiting committee at any time by using our contact form.

Cinema Journal Puts Fandom in the Spotlight

The Summer, 2009 issue of Cinema Journal features a section on fandom in general and vidding in particular edited by TWC‘s Kristina Busse and featuring a number of members of TWC’s editorial board. (Yes, that’s a shot from Lim’s “Us” on the cover!) The issue is currently being mailed to subscribers, but eventually will be online at JStor and available through academic search engines in libraries and such.

In Focus: Fandom and Feminism
Gender and the Politics of Fan Production

“Introduction,” by Kristina Busse
“A Fannish Taxonomy of Hotness,” by Francesca Coppa
“A Fannish Field of Value: Online Fan Gift Culture,” by Karen Hellekson
“Should Fan Fiction Be Free?” by Abigail De Kosnik
“User Penetrated Content: Fan Video in the Age of Convergence,” by Julie Levin Russo
“Living in a Den of Thieves: Fan Video and Digital Challenges to Ownership,” by Alexis Lothian

Edited to add: Not sure for how long this file will be available, but the “In Focus” section can currently be found on the SCMS website here (right-click and save).

Reminder: GeoCities Rescue Project: Fanfic Writers, Please Be In Touch!

This is a reminder that the OTW will give Archive beta accounts to people’s whose fic will be thrown off GeoCities when it closes at the end of next month! But you have to come and ask! (Please ask!) If you haven’t found other hosting options for your own fic, or if you are an archivist or maintainer of a multi-author site, please email Open Doors with your site name and we’ll try to hook you up one way or the other.

Meanwhile, some awesome fans are documenting the existence of fannish sites on GeoCities using Fanlore. If you ever wanted to try your hand at using Fanlore, this is a great time to learn: there’s loads of sites that need documenting. And if you know any of the people hosted on or running these sites, please please encourage them to request Archive accounts: we don’t want to lose the stories!