End-of-year reminder

The 2008 calendar year is almost over…which means ’tis the season for nonprofit organizations to remind their communities that if you want to deduct a contribution on your 2008 taxes, you’ll need to donate by 12/31!

As you’re thinking about your end-of-year contributions, we hope you’ll keep the OTW in mind. You can make a one-time donation or sign up for an easy recurring donation on our website, here — and if your employer offers matching donations, you might be able to double your donation to the OTW; we’re happy to help you figure that out as needed, so please let us know.

A donation to the OTW makes a great holiday gift for the fan who has everything.

Thanks for being a part of the OTW in 2008!

— OTW DevMem

New Media Literacy – Part II

Part Two of Henry Jenkins’ spotlight on OTW’s vidding documentaries for MIT’s New Media Literacies project is now online: Fan Vidding: A Labor Of Love (Part Two). We’d like to thank Henry, as well as MIT/NML, for giving us the opportunity to showcase fan vidding.

If you liked our documentaries, you might be interested in the others: there are documentaries on cosplay, the narrative structure of comic books, animation, DJ culture (including sampling, mashups, and remixing), wikis and other subjects of interest to fans.

Volunteer Search: ADT Archivist

The Accessibility, Design, & Technology committee needs help! We’re coming up on the end of our first term, which means getting all our records in order, and we want ADT to keep coding, so we’re looking for people to help them get their meeting notes in order.

No technical knowledge is required–all you need is the ability to summarize a two-hour meeting in a half-page of short, bulleted minutes.

We need five to ten people for the job, and to show our gratitude for your hard work, each one will be paid with a shiny beta account at the Archive of Our Own.

The term ends in two weeks, so hurry hurry hurry. Send us your name and email address!