Privacy Policy

1. The OTW firmly supports the right of fans to separate fannish and nonfannish identities. Donating to the OTW and using the OTW’s services, such as the archive or wiki, are entirely separate. You can donate and not use any services, or use any services without donating, or do both without linking the two. We will never link any information you give us when you donate money to any information we obtain when someone uses our services, unless a donor specifically wants us to link those two sets of information. We do hope you choose to donate to the OTW; please feel free to do so using a separate e-mail address from the address you use for any fannish activity. Donations to the OTW are governed by IRS rules and may require us to retain and/or disclose donor information to the IRS or to our state of incorporation (Delaware) in filing our annual returns.

2. This Privacy Policy covers the OTW’s treatment of personally identifying information submitted to us and which we collect when you use our services in the course of ordinary communications.

3. If this policy changes at any point in the future, we will post the policy changes to our Web site at Such changes will be used only for information provided by those who have visited, used, or accessed the site after the effective date of such policy changes.

4. If you feel that this site is not following its stated information policy, please contact us.

5. What we will do:

a. For donors who elect to become members, we will keep a membership record with your name, contact information, and dates of membership. For all non-anonymous donors, we will provide you with a written acknowledgment of your donation. This may be provided by e-mail. In order to vote in elections, you will need to provide a valid e-mail address.

b. We will use your e-mail address internally. We may occasionally send e-mails to you from the OTW. We reserve the right to reply to any e-mail message you send to the OTW.

c. We may retain (1) the e-mail addresses of those who communicate with us via e-mail; (2) user-specific information about what pages users access or visit; (3) the IP address of each visitor to an OTW site; and (4) any information that a person sends to OTW e-mail addresses (i.e., any e-mail address that ends in

d. We use cookies to store visitors’ preferences; customize Web page content based on visitors’ browser type or other information that the visitor sends; and record activity at a site in order to provide better service when visitors return to our site. Cookies must be enabled for the site to function properly with your computer. The OTW has no access to cookies set by other sites.

e. If you submit a comment to our blog, we may use a third-party spam filter that will automatically evaluate the content and source information to screen comments for spam. The privacy policy of the third-party service will govern its treatment of comments submitted to the blog. Currently, the third-party service we are using is Akismet.

6. What we will not do:

a. The OTW will not give out any of your personal information or any of the information we collect, except as provided under this policy. We will not use your personally identifying information to market third party products and services to you. We will not sell, trade, or rent your personally identifying information.

b. We will not disclose your personally identifying information to any third party without your prior consent unless we (1) are legally compelled to do so, (2) have a good-faith belief that such action is necessary to comply with a current judicial proceeding, a court order, or legal process served on the OTW, or (3) are cooperating with law enforcement authorities. As to (3), we will cooperate with all investigations conducted by law enforcement authorities of the United States of America when legally required to do so. Cooperation with law enforcement authorities from other countries and cooperation when it is not legally required are at our sole discretion. Our discretion looks favorably on freedom and justice, and unfavorably on oppression and violence. Unless we are legally prohibited from doing so, we will attempt to notify you any time we disclose your personally identifying information. In some cases, the information we have, such as an IP address, may be insufficient for us to notify you.

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