Organization for Transformative Works Membership Drive, April 9–11, 2021

April 2021 Drive: Kudos to You

The Organization for Transformative Works was founded by fans for fans in 2007, with the mission of serving fandom by preserving and encouraging the creation of transformative works. Fourteen years later, our commitment remains unwavering. Whether through legal advocacy against fan-unfriendly legislation worldwide, rescuing endangered fanworks, recording fan history, providing a venue for fan studies scholarship, or hosting your fanworks old and new, the OTW is working to protect fans and the transformative works they create.

But we can’t do it without your help. As we do in April and October every year, over the next three days we are asking you to consider joining the OTW and donating to support our work. If you aren’t able to donate at this time, please consider sharing news of our drive with others in your fandom networks, and please know that however you show your commitment to the OTW, your participation and enthusiasm are very much appreciated. Read More

Organization for Transformative Works: 2021 Budget

OTW Finance: 2021 Budget

During the last year, the OTW Finance team has continued its work of ensuring that the organization’s bills are paid, tax returns filed, and standard accounting procedures met. Preparation for the 2020 audit of financial statements is currently ongoing!

The team has also been diligently working to meet the OTW’s 2021 needs, and is proud to present to you this year’s budget (access the 2021 budget spreadsheet for more detailed information): Read More

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March 2021 Newsletter, Volume 155


In March, Legal has been busy working for fans! They submitted comments to the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee opposing proposed changes to online copyright law, they submitted comments to the U.S. Copyright Office arguing for renewal and clarification of the vidders’ exemption to the U.S. Digital Millennium Copyright Act’s anticircumvention provisions, and they joined allies in sending a letter to the newly-appointed U.S. Trade Representative supporting international copyright treaties that incorporate limitations and exceptions to copyright exclusivity.

Legal staffer Casey Fiesler also participated in a Town Hall for Internet Creators, where she and others discussed what the CASE Act means for Internet Creators. The CASE Act will go into effect in about a year and will create a “small claims” tribunal in the U.S. Copyright Office for allegations of copyright infringement. The U.S. Copyright Office is currently in the process of planning how the tribunal will work, and OTW Legal will have a voice in that process. Regardless of how the tribunal ends up working, users accused of copyright infringement under the CASE Act will be able to opt out of the procedure.

Legal also prepared to testify before the U.S. Copyright Office in April regarding the vidders’ exemption.

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