End of Year Reminder 2009

It’s drawing in toward the end of the year, and we’re all looking forward to doing end-of year things: breaking out the suntan lotion (Southern Hemisphere), breaking through the snow (Northern Hemisphere), breaking into shrieks of glee and/or terror (Yuletiders), and breaking bread with loved ones (holiday celebrants). But one thing you may have forgotten about is that the next few weeks are your last chance to qualify for tax deductions in 2009 (United States). If you’ve been thinking about donating to the OTW but haven’t done so yet, you may want to take a look at your finances and see whether it would be to your benefit to do so before December 31. And if you’re employed, please find out if your employer offers matching donations! Every dollar you give could be worth two dollars to the org. You can learn more about how to get your donation matched by your employer on the support the OTW page (scroll down to where it says, “If your employer offers matching donations, you may be able to double your gift!”)

Of course, we’re glad of donations of money or help at any time — especially as we celebrate the open beta of the Archive of Our Own, now with more than 25,000 stories in almost 3,100 fandoms! If you’d like an AOOO account, you can add yourself to the invitation queue; a friend who already has an account may also be able to give you an invitation. And if you’d like to give of your time and effort as well as, or instead of, your money, please see our Willing to Serve post for descriptions of how you can help with the OTW’s various projects.

And meanwhile, enjoy the sun, or the snow, or the shrieking — and in any case, enjoy the stories!

Remember — we’re offering two premiums for your donation over US$50. Celebrate the OTW and get something for yourself this season!

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AD&T Weekly Meeting – 5 December 2009

While the fabulous [info - personal] samvara is still on well-deserved vacation, this week’s update is brought to you by [info - personal] rustler. This post may also be found on the Archive of Our Own which is commentable by anyone with or without an AO3 account. Comments are disabled elsewhere so discussion may be concentrated in one place.

Deploy Schedule: More Collections and Challenges code needed for Yuletide is heading for deploy shortly, as well as some more important fixes and enhancements.

Open Beta: Still good! Our servers seem to be doing fine and we’re readying everything for the influx of new Yuletide users.

Code: Collections and Challenges, bug fixes, and IE optimization are still at the forefront for our coders. Our testers and tag wranglers have been very busy behind the scenes, coordinating with the coders to get crucial pieces in place.

Invitation Schedule: We’re maintaining the 30/day rate for issuing new invitations for now, while Support catches up with current requests, and fixes go in which should anticipate many of the most common Support issues before more new users run into them.

Stuff coming up:

Collections and Challenges: Yuletide is coming! The time is growing near and the Collections and Challenges code is being put into place to provide Yuletide a comfortable new home.

Warnings: We’ve received a lot of feedback about our warnings and tag systems, and have some changes and clarifications on the way. Be on the lookout for a special post on this important topic soon!

About the Support Team: Our brilliant Support team deserve a massive shout-out for all their hard work helping people out with the Archive. They’ve been doing their best to answer support requests speedily and have done a great job keeping up with the work generated by Open Beta. They would love to welcome new people to the team: if you feel like you’ve gotten to know the Archive well and would enjoy helping other users, get in touch via our Volunteers’ form. No experience is required, but you’ll need to be a friendly and clear communicator.

If there are things you want to do/say – feel free to share either in comments, or by volunteering, or whatever medium you’re comfortable with. We welcome your input. 🙂

This post may also be found on the Archive of Our Own which is commentable by anyone with or without an AO3 account.

AO3_Status Feeds

The Archive of our Own now has its own Twitter feed for status updates, emergency notifications, and other quick messages: AO3_Status.

You can access this information in several ways:

* on Twitter
* embedded on the front page of transformativeworks.org
* as a LJ feed: http://syndicated.livejournal.com/ao3_status/
* as a DW feed: http://ao3-status-feed.dreamwidth.org/

You can get more news and information about the Archive at the A03’s own admin blog: http://archiveofourown.org/admin_posts. We also post Archive news to the OTW blog; find it using the archive-update tag set up for that purpose.