Fanlore Chat Now Open!

The Wiki committee is pleased to announce the opening of a permanent chat room for the Fanlore community. You don’t need to be a member of OTW to get into the room. It’s open to everyone and can be accessed from the Main Page of Fanlore. Best of all, it’s open 24 X 7, so it’s always there for you to come in and chat about edits and articles with other fans at any time, day or night.

FYI — There will be a log of the chats kept, but it will be purged on a periodic basis.

Other cool things we’ve done recently include the Fanlore Live panel at Escapade. We invited several fans who have been around a long time (think decades rather than a few years) to talk to us about how they got into fandom. We have our notes put up here. Check it out.

And be sure to watch this space for more information on participating in our Oral Histories.

–The Wiki Committee: Rache, Melina, Anatsuno, Betty, Meri

OTW board chair Naomi Novik on NPR

March 25, 2009 – Our own Naomi Novik appears on today’s broadcast of NPR’s All Things Considered, in a a story called Will E-Book Anti-Piracy Technology Hurt Readers? The aired program, as well as a shorter print version, is now available at the NPR website. Naomi is speaking against the DRM [Digital Rights Management] protection on e-books that mean that they can’t easily be transferred from Kindle to Laptop to iPhone. Naomi notes that: “The biggest danger to most authors, to most storytellers, is not that somebody is going to steal your work and pass it along — it is that nobody is ever going to see your work.”